Sarracenia growlist

Here You are Our sarracenia growlist.

All of these cultivars are propagated from rhizomes and guarantee the origin and quality.

Due dormant stage of the plants during the winter time, we can send the sarracenia as a rhizome with leafs cutted.

Not all plants are available each Year , please ask for availability.


Below are examples of two Sarracenia in size XL and L prepared for shipping. Plants will be send bare root with leafs cutted.



Sarracenia ALATA


Sarracenia Alata var. atrorubra. All red form, Mississippi W,(PW)


Sarracenia Alata var. alata. George Co. MS (WS). Large form.

MK A15

Sarracenia Alata var. ornata. Heavily veined form, De Soto National Forest. W

MK A20

Sarracenia Alata var. rubrioperculata. Red lid, maroon tinged bulbous upper pitchers, Stone Co. MS. Plant has huge stocky pitchers in autumn.

MK A21

Sarracenia Alata var. rubrioperculata. Heavy veined, red lid and throat. Perry County, MS W

MK A22

Sarracenia Alata var. atrorubra. All red, De Soto National Forest. Large wide, red lid,W(PW)

MK A26

Sarracenia Alata var. rubrioperculata. Red lid,very tall strong olive green pitchers,going darker by Autumn, throat black. De Soto National Forest. (W) PM 1994

MK A27

Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea. Black tube,De Soto National Forest, MS,W,(A2,JA)(AF)

MK A28

Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea. Black tube, Stocky pubescent, , De Soto National Forest Clone 3,W,(AH)

MK A30

Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea . Red/black, White's Crossing De Soto National Forest, MS WS(A20,PW)

MK A39

Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea . Purple tube, De Soto National Forest, MS WS,(MS)

MK A48

Sarracenia Alata var. rubrioperculata. Giant red throat, Alastair Culham Reading University

MK A50

Sarracenia Alata var. alata. Light vein.(AM) Plant imported from Andrew Marshall.

MK A56

Sarracenia Alata var. rubrioperculata. Red lid/Heavily veined form. Whites Crossing, intersection of state road 15 and 26, Stone Co. MS Desoto National Forest (WS)

MK A60

Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea . Black tube, large form AA, 2006


Sarracenia Alata var. nigropurpurea. Black tube ,Stone Co.(derek)


Sarracenia FLAVA



Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii Benhill Co.,GA,WS, Plant has avery narrow neck.

MK F13

Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii Dark throat,Apalachicola National Forest,W, Very dark throat splotch

MK F17

Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii Milton, FL W;(F68,JA),copper tinged in early growth. 1 plant discovered near Milton, Florida has a copper tint to the emerging growth and young opened pitchers.

MK F18

Sarracenia var. rugelii Giant robust clone,(PM)

MK F19

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Red tube, Apalachicola National Forest, FLW,(AH)

MK F20

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest FL,W,(F37,JA)

MK F22

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest FL, Red pitchers like var.rugellii style throat patch,W(Andrew Cameron)

MK F24

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest FL, W, Dave Richardson


Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora `claret',(MS)


Sarracenia Flava 'Claret'. Mike Brook’s clone directly from Adrian Slack

MK F26

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora `Burgundy´,The actual clone from Adrian Slack's book 'Insect Eating plants and how to grow them', Tall pitchers, pale tan interior.


Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea All red form, Blackwater River State Forest, FLW,(PW,F3)


Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea All red form, Blackwater River State Forest, FL. W,(AP)


Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea All red form, Blackwater River State Forest, FL.W,(JA)

MK F28

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W,(AH)

MK F30

Sarracenia var. Rubricorpora. Liberty Co. FL. Deep red pitcher with large dipping lids (WS).

MK F33

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, very fine heavy veins, Green Swamp, NC,W

MK F35

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata,Gulf Coast. Heavy veins, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W,(AH) An Alan Hindle plant acquired by MK in 1993.  Fine maroon veins and splash of maroon in throat.

MK F37

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata,Heavy veined giant, Huge vigorous plant with vertical veins on lower tube and fine veins on upper pitcher., Apalachicola National Forest, FL. WS,(PW)

MK F38

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata,(PM) Heavily veined, Gulf Coast.

MK F41

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata Wewahitchka, FL.W,(F97,JA)

MK F45

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Purple tube, Milton, FL., Santa Rosa Co., WS,Very dark,especially in throat

MK F47

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata  Heavy veined, red lid. Plant turns all red later in season.PM

MK F49

Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii Milton,FL Clone 2, (W)sparse,but broad veins in inner lid

MK F55

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora,very broad venation on inside of lid, Marston Exotics

MK F57

Sarracenia  var. rubricorpora, Purple tube,Nr Holley, FL,W,(AH)

MK F65

Sarracenia Flava Giant var. rubricorpora,  Red tube, Apalachicola National Forest Park, Florida. (W) Plant obtained originally from Ian Langford.

MK F66

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora,Giant red tube,W,(MS), Apalachicola National Forest.

MK F71

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora,Giant Red Tube,W,(F41,JA)

MK F72

Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii,Giant form,large lid(F38,JA),has red edge to lid

MK F76

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora,Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W,(F36,JA)

MK F77

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, very tall form, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W,(F60,JA)

MK F83

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Holley, FL,W(F36B,PM) Red tube, Plant has a prominent throat patch.

MK F84

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Holley, FL,W,(PW)

MK F85

Sarracenia var. ornata, Cooks Bayou, Bay Co, FL,WS(PW)

MK F86

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, Cooks Carnivorous Plants

MK F88

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, Solid red throat with diffused veins around neck, Apalachicola National Forest, FL W,(PW)

MK F89

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Red form, N.Carolina,W,(AF)

MK F90

Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea,N.Carolina,W, (AF),(F6,JA)

MK F95

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata,Heavy vein ,large lid,Wewahitchka, FL,W,(F82,JA)

MK F97

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola National Forest, FL W,(F14,JA)

MK F101

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, Sandy creek rd, FL. WS, (MS)

MK F102

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. WS,(MS)

MK F111

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL.  Giant red tube,W(PM,F39B)

MK F112

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. Giant red tube,W(PM,F39C)

MK F115

Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea,olive/Copper top, North Carolina,WS(PW,F09)

MK F118

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora,WS,(Mark Dunsford) Seedling from ICPS seed bank

MK F124

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora very dark, Don Schnell (= dark red/black, Potterton & MMar.tKin. )

MK F126

Sarracenia Flava . rubricorpora. Plant originated from Dave Richardson. Tall purple/maroon pitchers.

MK F127

Sarracenia var. ornata, elegant pitchers penciled in red, Marston Exotics 1992

MK F130

Sarracenia var. cuprea. Old Dock, North Carolina. Plant originally from Alan Hindle.

MK F131A

Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea, Exum, North Carolina,W, (clone 1,SM)

MK F134

Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea, Cooks Bayou, FL. W, (clone 1,SM)

MK F136

Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea, Apalachicola National Forest, FL W, (cl1,SM)

MK F139

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W, (cl13,SM)

MK F143

Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii, Large pitcher and lid, Reading University, Alastair Culham

MK F152

Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea Introgression evident in flower with blush orange petals, Phil Sheridan

MK F161

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Apalachicola National Forest, FL. W, (F58,JA)

MK F173

Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea Pender Co. NC ,W (F45,JA)

MK F174

Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea Marston Exotics, 1999

MK F190

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Dave Richardson. Tall, deep maroon pitchers.

MK F195

Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea `Kimber Red Ruffles’ (DC)

MK F198

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Heavily veined inner lid and deep coloured throat markings, Mike Brooks 2004

MK F199

Sarracenia var. Ornata/var. Rugelii intergrade, Geneva Botanical Gardens, Andrea Amici, 2004. Pitchers can be 12cm wide

MK F213

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora NC (Form 2,AH) (SM) 2006

MK F216

Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea Green Swamp, NC. Very large splotch into lid. (W) (SM) 2006

MK F221

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata Lidless (SM) 2006

MK F228

Sarracenia flava var. flava Giant form, Green Swamp NC,( MS F31) 2006


Sarracenia ‘Suspicion’. Anthocyanin free clone

MK F247

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata. Sandy Creek Road, FL.  (WS) MB 2007 Plant has a bright red throat.

MK F248

Sarracenia flava var. ornata, Apalachicola National Forest. Plant has a green interior to the pitcher.

MK F250

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora, Sumatra, FL (WS)

MK F252

Sarracenia Flava var. ornata, Sumatra, FL (WS) DCB 2007

MK F276

Sarracenia flava var. ornata. ‘Pocohontas’, (JWe, 2011)

MK F287

Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora  Large throat patch, Sumatra, FL (SL2006)


Sarracenia Flava var. ornata heavy veined (PWilson F38)


Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea All red Blackwater State Forest; Florida (PWilson F02)


Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora red tube Liberty County; Florida (PWilson F39)


Sarracenia Flava var. atropurpurea, (S. flava var. rubricorpora x S. flava var. atropurpurea "small lid"), [RvL-FL105]


Sarracenia Flava var. ornata Lidless (heliamphorides) P.W.


Sarracenia Flava var. rubricorpora Sumatra


Sarracenia Flava v ornata, Mirimar Beach


Sarracenia Flava var. cuprea Botanique (BB) 2006


Sarracenia Flava var. rugelii






Sarracenia Leucophylla Tall green & white form,Citronelle,AL,(PW)


Sarracenia Leucophylla ‘Schnells Ghost’,Yellow flowered form,W,(AP)


Sarracenia Leucophylla Avalon Beaches, FL, WS,(PW)


Sarracenia Leucophylla Avalon Beaches,WS,(PW)


Sarracenia Leucophylla Avalon Beaches,WS,(PW)


Sarracenia Leucophylla Pubescent form,Perdido, AL.,W;(AH). Pitchers feel "furry" due microscopic hairs over the external surface.

MK L11

Sarracenia Leucophylla Seminole State Forest, FL.  Red and white,W,(PM)


Sarracenia Leucophylla Red and white form, Deer Park, AL (W).

MK L13

Sarracenia Leucophylla Very large form, white top, green veins, Perdido, AL,W

MK L14

Sarracenia Leucophylla Yellow flowered form, Red/white,Russell Rd, Citronelle, AL,WS

MK L17

Sarracenia Leucophylla Gulf Breeze, FL,WS(PM)

MK L18

Sarracenia Leucophylla Large pink lipped, Apalachicola National Forest,W,(PW)

MK L19

Sarracenia Leucophylla Purple and white giant form, Route 71,Nr Altha, N.Florida,W,(AH)

MK L27

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & white form.

MK L28

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & white. Large pitchers with a red peristome.

MK L30

Sarracenia leucophylla Red & white, Viv Topham

MK L31

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & white, large stocky pitcher, red lip (AP)

MK L33

Sarracenia Leucophylla Long veined lids

MK L34

Sarracenia Leucophylla White top with fine red veins

MK L43

Sarracenia Leucophylla Pink upper tube, red veins, plant originally from Martin Cheek (Steve Morley).


Sarracenia Leucophylla f.viridescens. Green, anthocyanin free form, Perdido, AL (PW, originally from Carl Mazur. 2005)

MK L47

'Cronus' (Titan tm), Botanique


Sarracenia Leucophylla Hot pink Selections 1, Botanique

MK L54

Sarracenia Leucophylla Large form (LE11, RVL)

MK L55

Sarracenia Leucophylla `Tarnok’ ,W. Mutant flower form

MK L57

Sarracenia Leucophylla `Burgundy’. Red & White, Phil Sheridan

MK L64

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & White, very stocky autumn Pitcher. Plant originally brought in by Dave Taylor, late 70s

MK L65

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & white, Marston Exotics. Large pitchers similar to the L19 clone.

MK L73

Sarracenia Leucophylla Red & white, pronounced lip,PJ plants 2003

MK L74

Sarracenia Leucophylla Cook Giant (DC)

MK L78

Sarracenia Leucophylla Santa Rosa Co. FL. WS, ST 2004

MK L81

Sarracenia "Helmut’s Delight’’, Christian Klein 2004

MK L82

Sarracenia Leucophylla ‘’Pouty Lip’’, Brooks Garcia 2006

MK L99

Sarracenia Leucophylla Pink veined form, DCB, 2007

MK L101

Sarracenia Leucophylla Stocky, wide mouth, plant possibly is of hybrid origin with Sarracenia alata (AS SL 27) 2007

MK L105

Sarracenia Leucophylla Baker, FL (WS)

MK L108

Sarracenia Leucophylla Green & white, AA 2008


Sarracenia x "Santa Rosa Red” (BG)

MK L127

Sarracenia Leucophylla var. alba (Christian Klein) x var. alba (JJ Labbatt) Atsushi Endo,Japan), 2013


Sarracenia Leucophylla, Adrian Slack clone


Sarracenia Leucophylla Baldwin County Al.


Sarracenia Leucophylla from Citronelle


Sarracenia Leucophylla, tall form, Carniflora 2004. (SL8)


Sarracenia Leucophylla x 'Moorei'


Sarracenia Leucophylla Gulf Breeze, FL



Sarracenia MINOR



Sarracenia Minor var. okefenokeensis Clone from Lois Glass

MK M10

Sarracenia Minor var. Okefenokeensis Clone 2,WS,(PW)

MK M16

Sarracenia Minor var. okefenokeensis Okefenokee Giant,North East



Sarracenia OREOPHILA



Sarracenia Oreophila De Kalb Co.AL,WS,(AP)


Sarracenia Oreophila Sand Mountain,W,(O13,JA)

MK O12

Sarracenia Oreophila (OR01, RvL) Heavely veined, Purple throat form.

MK O14

Sarracenia Oreophila Walker clone (EB 2004), Heavily veined

MK O18

Sarracenia var. ornata Veined purple throat (OR02,RvL) 2005




Sarracenia PURPUREA



Sarracenia Purpurea subsp. Purpurea Vigorous form,W,Ireland(Eric Binstead)


Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa, Near Old Dock, Columbus,Co


Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa var. Venosa f. Pallififlora (All Green)


Sarracenia Purpurea – various form – seeds grown






Sarracenia Psittacina f.viridescens ‘Green Rosette’, Anthocyanin free, W,(AM)


Sarracenia Psittacina – various form – seeds grown



Sarracenia HYBRIDS


MK H1      Sarracenia x "God’s Gift’’ .(leucophylla x purpurea subsp. venosa)xleucophylla  1992

MK H2      Sarracenia x "Diane Whittaker’’.(leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla 1992

MK H7      Sarracenia x moorei ‘Brooks Hybrid’. Tall pitchers to 3 1/2 feet. Possibly one of the tallest Sarracenia.

MK H9      Sarracenia x moorei  Sarracenia Nurseries large moorei

MK H10    Sarracenia x ‘Lynda Butt’. Adrian Slack's best hybrid.

MK H15    Sarracenia rubra subsp. gulfensis x leucophylla. Yellow River, FL. Very dark, tall pitchers with a wavy lid turning deep maroon in autumn/winter. (PW)

MK H17   Sarracenia alata Red Lidx flava. Striking red inner lids.

MK H26    Sarracenia flava Red tube x alata Red (All red),(SM)

MK H31    Sarracenia x  moorei, FL, (W)  Sarracenia flava var. rugelii x leucophylla

MK H32    Sarracenia x ‘Daniel Rudd’, fake version. AB 2001

MK H34    Sarracenia x moorei,FL, W,S. flava var. rugelii x leucophylla. Plant has a red splotch in the throat.

MK H37    Sarracenia x ‘Judith Hindle’

MK H40    Sarracenia x 'Victoria Morley'. SMo, Attractive pink topped cultivar.

MK H44    Sarracenia x moorei,( leucophylla redXflava var. rubricorpora) W,(AM)

MK H45    Sarracenia x ‘Red Sumatra’, Botanique Nurseries, USA 2002

MK H47   Sarracenia x formosa,green, anthocyanin free (psittacina green x minor green) (AM) 2002

     H53    Sarracenia x ‘Ladies in waiting’.

MK H54    Sarracenia x ‘Evendine’

MK H58    Sarracenia Hybrid from same batch of seedlings that raised S x `Judith Hindle’

MK H60    Sarracenia x ‘Mercury’ Sarracenia Nurseries, Chris Crowe

MK H62    Sarracenia x moorei. Large red veined pitchers to more than 1m tall. Mark Wesson

MK H65   Sarracenia x ‘Judy’ MB 2003

MK H66    Sarracenia x excellens. Stocky clone, plant was one of Adrian Slack’s own crosses.

MK H74   Sarracenia x minata (minor x alata) Paul Gardner 2003

MK H75   Sarracenia x excellens ( S minor var. okefenokeensiSarracenia x leucophylla) Paul Gardner 2003

MK H77   Sarracenia x excellens x leucophylla (Andrew Wilkinson, collected from Marston Exotics mid 1980s)

MK H83   Sarracenia x moorei

MK H89    Sarracenia x moorei ‘Elizabeth’,Norman Parker

MK H92   Sarracenia x moorei Very large, Norman Parker

MK H94   Sarracenia x excellens x leucophylla. Large white pitchers, like an very stocky, wide leucophylla.

MK H96    Sarracenia x ‘Night Sky’ (DC 2004)

MK H100   Sarracenia x ‘Flash’ (DC 2004)

MK H101    Sarracenia x ‘Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC 2004)

MK H105   Sarracenia x willisii Broad lid (DC 2004)

MK H106    Sarracenia x ‘Doodle Bug’ (DC 2004)

MK H107    Sarracenia x ‘Mushroom Periscope’(DC 2004)

MK H109    Sarracenia x ‘Dana’s Delight’ (DC 2004)

MK H111    Sarracenia x ‘Sultry Maid’ (DC 2004)

MK H112    Sarracenia x ‘Leah Wilkerson’ (S x moorei), Walton Co, FL.,W, (Brooks Garcia 2004)

MK H113    Sarracenia x "Adrian Slack", Milton, FL (W) (S x moorei), Barry Rice (2004)

MK H114    Sarracenia x ‘Pretty ‘n’ Pink’ (DC 2004)

MK H115    Sarracenia x ‘Grape Mystique’ (DC 2004)

MK H121    Sarracenia x areolata x leucophylla JWe 2004 Stunning plant with tall white topped, green veined stocky pitchers.

MK H126    Sarracenia x ‘Dino Almacolle` (rubra subsp. jonesii x minor var. okefenokeensis) Furio Ersetti, 2004

MK H127    Sarracenia x ‘Jenny Helen’, Alistair Pearce 2004

MK H128    Sarracenia x moorei x ‘Lynda Butt` 2004“Katie Bates“ (Cross by Eddie Bates)

MK H135    Sarracenia x moorei Ian Salter 2004 Tall whitish topped plant.

MK H138    Sarracenia x "Crimson Queen’’ (leucophylla x oreophila) Norman Parker 2004

MK H141    Sarracenia x ‘Langford Williams’ (Sarracenia x areolata), Langford Williams 2004

MK H145    Sarracenia x excellens, ‘Loch Ness’, Mark Wesson, 2005

MK H150    Sarracenia x "Welham’s wonder’’ JWe 2005

MK H152    Sarracenia x excellens Eddie Bates 2005

       H157  Sarracenia x moorei ‚"Wilkerson Red’’ Bay Co. FL (W) (BG)

MK H159    Sarracenia x 'Imhotep’ Barry Meyers-Rice 2006

MK H162    Sarracenia x ‘Frogman’. (rubra x minor) Barry Meyers-Rice 2006

MK H165    Sarracenia x excellens John Wilden 2004

MK H168    Sarracenia x moorei, all red, Pensacola,FL SM 2006

MK H169    Sarracenia x "Joanna’’ (moorei, (flava var. rugelii x leucophylla). 2005 Andy Bullock’s lovely creation with a prominent throat splotch.

MK H181    Sarracenia x excellens x leucophylla (AS SX14 2006)

MK H182    Sarracenia x  moorei "Helen Mary’’. Seedling from batch L18 x F18 2003

SX82    Sarracenia x "Pink Thing’’, AS SX82

MK H192    Sarracenia x moorei ‘’Esme Cowlard’’. (L18 x F18) 2003 cross

MK H194    Sarracenia x ‘Hugh Jampton’. AS 2007

MK H199    Sarracenia x moorei. Botanical Garden of Leiden. Clone no. 20003/119. Art Vogel 2008

MK H213    Sarracenia x ‘Orange Fire’ (CA Sx33, 2010)

MK H217    Sarracenia x ‘French Kiss’ (CA Sx68, 2010)

MK H238    Sarracenia x ‘Ladybug’ (JL,2011)

      H243   Sarracenia x ‘Pink Eye’ (BG)

      H244   Sarracenia x moorei "Orange Glow’’ (BG)

      H245   Sarracenia x moorei "Green Frog’’ (BG)

      H249   Sarracenia x moorei "Bud Wilkerson’’ (BG)

MK H251    Sarracenia x "Manta Ray’’ (DCB 2011)

MK H314    Sarracenia x moorei Very large (JWE 2011)

Sarracenia Oreophila x Leucophylla

Sarracenia x moorei 'Marston Clone' (AS16)

Sarracenia "Juthatip Soper’’

Sarracenia "Mitchelliana’’, hybrid of Sarracenia leucophylla x Sarracenia purpurea

Sarracenia "Farnhamii’’

Sarracenia Stevensii

Sarracenia Fiona

Sarracenia Smoorie

Sarracenia Velvet

Sarracenia Barbapapa

Sarracenia Smurf

Sarracenia Vogel

Sarracenia Eva

Sarracenia Tapestry

Sarracenia (Flava x purp. Purp.) x Leucophylla Baldwin

Sarracenia x "Blood Moon’’ ("Wilkerson's Red Rocket’’ x flava rubricorpora) (BG)

Sarracenia "Bud’s Golden Boy’’ (BG)

Sarracenia x 'Moorei' Slack 1987

Sarracenia x ‘Dixie Lace’ (leucophylla x rubra wherryi) x courtii, Bob Mc Morris

Sarracenia x ‘Daniel Rudd’ AB 2001 (AS1)

Sarracenia x excellens Slack



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